Puppy Training Tips # 3

by Nov 24, 2020Blog, Puppy Training Tips

Walking on Loose Leash – be a tree

This works the easiest with young puppies but will work with any age of dog.  Start inside in a safe, controlled environment, with no distractions and a calm puppy.  Hold the leash with both hands close to and in front of your body.  Take a step forward, if your puppy bolts/charges forward just stop/stand and wait.  Your puppy will get a little frustrated by this and may show it, but just wait it out (quietly), just be a tree, stand and do not speak.  When she offers you a loose lead say “Yes” and offer a reward (treat).  Take another step forward, continue to repeat.  Soon you will be able to walk all over your house with a loose leash, now continue this and introduce different distractions.  

Controlled Greetings 

We all want our wonderful puppies to have friends…however not all dogs want to be friends with our lovely, bouncy, energy filled puppies.  It is important that our furry friends have safe and controlled greetings when meeting new dogs and people.  You want to make sure that when you are approaching a new dog your puppy is not a the end of her leash pulling and jumping to say hello.  You want to make sure that they are practicing their loose leash walking.  When you are at a distance from the new dog ask your puppy to sit.  When she is calm and relaxed let her know that she can now go and say “hi” or “greet”.  Do not let the interaction last to long, let your puppy say “hi”, say her name and call her away.  Dog decide in three seconds how they are going to react.  Let your little one say “hi” and walk on.