Trimming Nails

by Dec 2, 2020Blog

As with everything we do with our dogs and puppies, be kind, use positive reinforcement and rewards.  These simple steps will make trimming your puppies and dogs nails easier for you and for them. 

All puppies require nail care.  Please don’t let your fear of hurting your puppy stop you from taking care of her nails.  Most puppies spend alot of time walking and playing of soft surfaces inside preventing their nails from wearing down.  This means that dogs that are indoors will need to have their nails clipped on a regular basis.  Nails that are left too long can become very painful for your puppy’s feet, and hurt you if they jump up on you.  Dogs who spend most of their time outside may wear down their nails naturally. 

Handle your puppies feet at a young age so they get used to this.  This way when it comes time to trim her nails she will be comfortable with you handling her feet.  When trimming your dogs nails always use nail clippers made for dogs.

  • Hold your dogs foot and gently push down with your thumb at the base of each nail, this will cause the nail to extend slightly, making it easier to see the whole nail;
  • Make sure to avoid cutting the quick at the nail bed. The quick is visible in clear nails as a pink triangle.  In dark nails you can see the quick by looking for it on the underside of the nails. 
  • Trim below the quick;
  • Cut each nail a little at a time until you are close to the quick, or if you prefer use one of those electric filing tools that grind the nail to the length you want.