Supervision and your puppy

by Dec 7, 2020Blog

Confine the puppy to the areas of the house where you spent the most time

Block off your puppy’s special area with baby gates 

Can you imagine leaving a three year old child alone in your house?  Don’t be in a hurry to allow your puppy total freedom to the whole house.  It may take months or even a whole year before you reach that goal. 

Confining  your puppy

Confining your puppy in an area of the house where you normally spend time will prevent many housebreaking and chewing accidents.  If you are in the kitchen you cannot see what she is doing in the living room. You cannot see if she has to “go” if she is in the bedroom running around, or you cannot see if she is chewing wires in the living room while you are cooking in the kitchen.  Designating a “special area” for your puppy will reduce these kind of problems. 

Supervised Exploring

Let your puppy explore her new home, but only under supervision.  Block off  your puppy’s special area with baby gates.  If you have to be away from the house or cannot supervise the special area put your puppy in her crate.  Preventing misbehaviour can often be accomplished by rewarding acceptable behavior with “good girl”, affection and of course treats.