Puppy training tips # 5

by Dec 13, 2020Blog


A recall can save your dog’s life.  It can stop her from running in front of a car or from chasing an animal and getting hurt.  It call call her away from a tasty something she has found laying around. 

Getting your dog to come

Teaching a recall is easy – just use your positive reinforcement, treats and praise, for your dog coming to you.  

Start by kneeling a few feet way and make happy noise, click when she takes her first steps towards you, give her a yummy treat and praise, be HAPPY!!!  Make it the best place on earth to be, praise and reward!!!  

Run a few feet away and do the same thing again.  Make it a fun game. 

When she is reliably coming to you start using your CUE WORD.  Add distance and distractions to the recall as you would for sit and other trained behaviors.  Remember calling your puppy from across the yard when she has just discovered something new and interesting is setting her up to fail.  Walk to her, kneel down, and call her from there.  Make sure you use your positive reinforcement, praise and reward, for leaving her new found distraction for something even better, coming to you!!! 

The collar grab

When you call your dog, take hold of her collar before you deliver the reinforcement, praise and reward, do this every single time.  It is not good to have recall if you can’t catch your dog.  Having someone reach out and grab you is startling. associate reaching and grabbing her collar with good things by using your praise and reward system.  

Exercise to make it fun 

Try a recall game.  When your dog is a few feet away, say her name and give your CUE WORD.  Then begin running backwards away from her.  Click when she moves towards you and reward and praise when she catches up to you.  This exercise engages her natural desire to chase.  Make sure you reach out and grab her collar.