House training your puppy

by Dec 2, 2020Blog

House training your puppy can be a source of great frustration for many new owners.  The key to this, as with all training, is to remain calm, be kind, and use positive reinforcement. 

Until the puppy is roughly 3 to 4 months of age their bladder and bowel control is minimal.  If you follow some simple guidelines you can expect to limit the number of accidents. 

  1.  Remember, most accidents happen by allowing to much freedom too soon.   Confine the puppy to one or two rooms of the house where the family spends most of their time. 
  2. Use your crate, crate the puppy when you can’t be right there to supervise her.
  3. Keep feeding on a regular schedule.
  4. Take your puppy outside immediately in the morning, after naps and after meals, and before you go to bed. 
  5. Reward your puppy for going outside to the bathroom, to do this you should be outside with her. 
  6. Never punish or reprimand a puppy who has an accident.  Try to find ways to prevent your puppy from ever having to go to the bathroom inside. 
  7. Don’t wait for your puppy to “signal” that she wants out.  Most puppies will not learn to “signal” their need to go out until they first learn to “hold” their bladders and bowels.  Take them out on a regular schedule. 
  • Don’t wait for your puppy to signal her need to go out;
  • Keep a regular schedule for feedings and taking out;
  • Do not punish or reprimand a puppy who has an accident; and
  • Be kind, be patient, this is all new to your puppy, its a big world and they depend on you to kindly show them the way.