Controlling Chewing Behaviour

by Dec 1, 2020Blog

Controlling chewing behaviour 

Many puppies and dogs are chewing machines!!!  They test everything the come across with their mouths, both inside and outside your house.  

If you are starting with a young puppy, you can help to set chewing preferences by controlling what they chew.  Do not use old shoes or socks, your puppy will not be able to tell the difference between an “ok to chew” shoe or your brand new shoes!!!  It is best to ask your breeder or your veterinarian which toys are “safe” toys for your new puppy.  Make a toy the focus of play sessions between you and your puppy. 

Repetition is necessary for training, don’t get frustrated and give up, move on to a different “game”, come back to it later.  Remember puppies and dogs learn at different speeds, be patient and kind. 

Practice with your puppy in different spots in your home as well as outside. 

Do not allow your puppy old shoes and socks to play with, they cannot tell the difference between old and new shoes…you don’t want her eating your new shoes!!