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Puppy training tips # 5

COME  A recall can save your dog's life.  It can stop her from running in front of a car or from chasing an animal and getting hurt.  It call call her away from a tasty something she has found laying around.  Getting your dog to come Teaching a...

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Puppy’s first things

How exciting, your new puppy is ready to come you are super excited and head to the nearest pet store or online shopping and start buying everything you think your new baby is going to love, or look adorable in!!  I did, it is alot of fun!!  BUT,...

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Supervision and your puppy

Confine the puppy to the areas of the house where you spent the most time Block off your puppy's special area with baby gates  Can you imagine leaving a three year old child alone in your house?  Don't be in a hurry to allow your puppy total freedom to the...

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Trimming Nails

As with everything we do with our dogs and puppies, be kind, use positive reinforcement and rewards.  These simple steps will make trimming your puppies and dogs nails easier for you and for them.  All puppies require nail care.  Please don't let your...

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House training your puppy

House training your puppy can be a source of great frustration for many new owners.  The key to this, as with all training, is to remain calm, be kind, and use positive reinforcement.  Until the puppy is roughly 3 to 4 months of age their bladder and bowel...

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Controlling Chewing Behaviour

Controlling chewing behaviour  Many puppies and dogs are chewing machines!!!  They test everything the come across with their mouths, both inside and outside your house.   If you are starting with a young puppy, you can help to set chewing...

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Puppy Training Tips # 3

Walking on Loose Leash - be a tree This works the easiest with young puppies but will work with any age of dog.  Start inside in a safe, controlled environment, with no distractions and a calm puppy.  Hold the leash with both hands close to and in front of...

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How much exercise is to much exercise

Don't we all wish there was some magic formula that would allow us to see how much exercise our new puppy needs.  German Shepherd Dogs are considered to be a large breed dog.  Puppies, especially large breed puppies, should not be exercised to much, as over...

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